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Photo of a class of students sitting at a table with the art teacher while wearing smocks
Photo of a teacher helping a student with the building of their marshmallow structure in class
Photo of students using the hand drums during music class
Photo of 2 girls working on their assignments while in class
Photo of a teacher playing spin and cover with students
Photo of a boy stacking blocks at his desk


Sunset Elementary

At Salina Public Schools (SPS), we are proud of who we are and what we do. We value every student’s family as a partner in learning and we collaborate with partners to help students, families and the community.

We love our Specials

Art, music, science, social studies, physical education and library studies opens up a world of opportunities and choices. Sunset classes inspire students to explore their passions and unlock their potential.

Photo of 2 students working on projects in art class

Relationships Matter

At the heart of Sunset is connection – teachers and students, families and community partners. These relationships are the base of our caring, supportive school family. Together we are stronger.

Photo of a teacher helping a kindergarten student work in a work book

Sunset is Unique

Sunset is where possibilities, learning and belonging come together. A school that is the heartbeat at the core of our community. 

Photo of a boy smiling on the playground

Great teachers
inspiring great futures.

Important Events